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Linear state feedback regulator for rigid link manipulators

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A new generic representation of the gravity vector in the rigid link robot dynamic model is proposed. We use this representation to design a linear state feedback regulator and show that the closed loop nonlinear system is globally asymptotically stable and exponentially stable in any closed ball. We exploit the fact that the gravity vector is the gradient of the potential function. We also consider robustness of the linear state feedback regulator to parameter uncertainty.

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Abouelsoud, A.A., Sultan, M.A. & Hassan, M.F. Linear state feedback regulator for rigid link manipulators. J Intell Robot Syst 15, 291–305 (1996). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00572264

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Key words

  • Rigid link manipulators
  • regulators
  • state feedback
  • point-to-point control
  • linearization
  • exponential stability
  • robustness