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Deposition of platelets and neutrophils in porcine iliac arteries after angioplasty and wallstent placement compared with angioplasty alone



This study was designed to compare deposition of111In-labeled platelets and neutrophils after balloon angioplasty (PTA) alone and PTA plus Wallstents.


Histological investigation was performed with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Fifty percent stenoses of both iliac arteries was created by resorbable ligature in 13 pigs. After 30 days, PTA was performed bilaterally with an additional stenting procedure done on one side. Autologous platelets were labeled and reinfused before the interventional procedure in six pigs, and labeled neutrophils were used in seven pigs. The deposition of the labeled cells was recorded itin vivo over 270 min using a scintillation camera. The results were correlated within vitro measurements.


Scanning revealed significant increase in platelet and neutrophil deposition at the site of the stent compared with the site where PTA alone was undertaken.In vitro measurements confirmed these differences. SEM demonstrated a fibrin lining on the stent surface and numerous adherent platelets. The adjacent arterial lumen was almost completely covered by fibrinous material. The PTA-alone site demonstrated denudation of endothelial cells and less fibrinous material, as well as platelets and leukocytes.


The complex interaction in the response of the vessel wall and flowing blood involves both platelet and neutrophil adhesion. The self-expandable vascular endoprosthesis contributes to increased deposition of platelets and neutrophils as seen in this experimental model of nonatheromatous stenosis.

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