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Bone mineral density in hyperandrogenic amenorrhoea

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The authors assessed bone mineral density in antrogenized amenorrheic (group A; n=9_ and androgenized nonamenorrheic patients (group B; n=30) and compared it with controls (n=22). Bone mineral density of group A patients (1.023±0.045 g/cm2) did not differ from controls 1.047±0.83 g/cm2); both groups had significantly lower values than group B women (1.099±0.085 g/cm2). Of the hormonal variables explaining bone mineral density in antrogenized women, only dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate had a significant negative correlation (r=-0.45). In contrast to other forms of amenorrhea, women with hyperantrogenic amenorrhea seem to be spared from osteopenia.

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