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Delamination toughness computation for curved thermoplastic composites

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The curved double cantilever beam (CDCB) test is a method used to characterize mode I delamination toughness of curved composite materials, fabricated by filament winding technology. A finite element model for this geometry is presented, that takes into consideration nonlinear deformational effects, orthotropic material properties and local mixed mode load at crack-tip. It can be used as the theoretical basis for analysis of experimental results. Especially for long cracks, compliant materials and thin samples large deflection should not become neclected in the modelling. In spite of its highly unsymmetrical geometry the crack tip loading state proved to be nearly pure mode I.

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Beckert, W., Lauke, B. & Friedrich, K. Delamination toughness computation for curved thermoplastic composites. Appl Compos Mater 1, 395–400 (1994).

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Key words

  • continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics
  • delamination toughness
  • curved samples
  • finite element analysis