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TDPAC measurement of quadrupole interaction at111Cd in the nearly heavy fermion system USn2.9


Quadrupole interaction at111Cd probe has been studied in the nearly heavy fermion system USn3−δ using the TDPAC method. We observe a large quadrupole interaction frequency withv Q =89.9(10) MHz at 300 K which is much higher than the earlier reported result. The observed frequency shows a linear temperature dependence in the range 25–300 K.

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Krishnamurthy, V.V., Mishra, S.N., Devare, S.H. et al. TDPAC measurement of quadrupole interaction at111Cd in the nearly heavy fermion system USn2.9 . Hyperfine Interact 80, 1005–1010 (1993).

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  • Quadrupole Interaction
  • Perturbed Angular Correlation
  • Linear Temperature Dependence
  • Heavy Fermion System
  • Quadrupole Interaction Frequency