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Preliminary results of an experimental study of the magnetic effects of shocking lunar soil

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Preliminary shock experiments at approximately 50 and 250 kb have been carried out with lunar soil and with a dispersion of iron in quartz. The lunar soils acquire remanent magnetization in the Earth's field of order of magnitude 10−3 G cm3 g−1. The remanence exhibited considerable stability against AF demagnetization. Remanence appears to be acquired both during the passage of the shock wave through the material and during post shock cool-down. The higher shock range gave rise to an increase in magnetic viscosity and in the saturation magnetization of the soil, which is most readily explained as due to the generation of fine grained iron.

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Fuller, M., Rose, F. & Wasilewski, P.J. Preliminary results of an experimental study of the magnetic effects of shocking lunar soil. The Moon 9, 57–61 (1974).

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