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Electrical conductivity, internal temperatures and thermal evolution of the moon


The electrical conductivity of olivine and pyroxene is a strong function of the fugacity of oxygen in the atmosphere with which the mineral is in equilibrium. Lunar temperature profiles calculated from data on the electrical conductivity of these two minerals at oxygen fugacities similar to those which exist in the Moon indicate considerably higher temperatures for the lunar interior than obtained from conductivity data collected under normal atmospheric conditions. These high interior temperatures, the extensive differentiation associated with the formation of the lunar maria, and the radioactive element content of the Moon indicate that the Moon accreted at temperatures between 600 and 1000°C. Gravitational heating during accretion would lead to melting of at least the outer 200 km of the Moon and would produce conditions favourable to separation of a metal-sulfide melt sufficient to form a core of 200–300 km radius. Such a core would reach the center of the Moon within a few million years after accretion. This core could produce the remanent magnetization observed in the surface rocks. Dynamo action would cease with the cessation of convective motion within the core as the temperature of the surrounding mantle increased due to radioactive heating. With the radioactivity assumed in the present model and the high accretion temperature, this event would require less than 2 b.y., but more than 1.6 b.y.

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