Chemistry of Natural Compounds

, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 232–235 | Cite as

Determination of beeswax and some impurities by IR spectroscopy

  • V. Ya. Birshtein
  • V. M. Tul'chinskii


Analysis of the IR spectra of waxes isolated from samples of paints from paintings dating from the Ist to VIIth centuries of our era and fragments of archaeological antique murals has shown that in some cases the wax isolated is pure beeswax and in others it contains as impurities what are presumably resin acids, and also salts of fatty acids. The IR spectrum of pure beeswax extracted from a fragment buried for 2000 yr is absolutely identical with the spectrum of modern beeswax, which shows the extreme chemical stability of the wax.


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  • V. Ya. Birshtein
  • V. M. Tul'chinskii

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