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Assay of the major (4-hydroxylated) metabolites of diphenylhydantoin in human urine


A modified gas chromatographic procedure for the determination of unconjugated and conjugated 4-hydroxydiphenylhydantoin (4-OH-DPH) in urine has been developed.

Unconjugated 4-OH-DPH is determined after selective extraction with toluene — ether (1:1). For the assay of conjugated 4-OH-DPH, the urine is pre-extracted withisoamylalcohol before acid hydrolysis to avoid interference by the dihydrodiol metabolite of DPH. The sensitivity of the method is 0.1 µg per ml. The method has been used to determine the urinary metabolites in two adult volunteers, during steady state plasma concentrations of DPH and in the elimination phase.

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  • Diphenylhydantoin metabolites
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