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A new species of aspergillus fumigatus group and comments upon its synonymy


Aspergillus fumigatus Fries,acolumnaris Raiet al. (1) has been raised to a distinct epithet and four different varieties ofA. fumigatus (1–2 & 6) viz.A. fumigatus Fries. var.albus Raiet al., A. fumigatus Fries. var.grisei-brunneus Rai and Singh,A. fumigatus Fries. mut.helvola Yuill andA. fumigatus Fries. var.sclerotiorum Raiet al. which were recognised by earlier workers, have also been merged intoA. fumigatus.

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Varshney, J.L., Sarbhoy, A.K. A new species of aspergillus fumigatus group and comments upon its synonymy. Mycopathologia 73, 89–92 (1981).

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