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Central effects of theβ-adrenergic blocking agent acebutolol

A quantitative EEG study using normalised slope descriptors


The effects of acute intravenous injection of acebutolol 25 mg on the EEG were investigated in 5 normal subjects. On-line EEG analysis was carried out by a special purpose mini-computer using normalised slope descriptors (Hjorth parameters). No significant changes were found apart from those due to drowsiness in 2 subjects, although minute to minute ECG frequency was significantly lowered (p=0.031). The EEG, which is considered to be a sensitive tool, failed to show any conclusive evidence of any central action of the drug. The effects of beta-adrenergic blockers on the CNS are not yet fully understood.

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  • β-adrenergic blocker
  • acebutolol
  • central actions
  • EEG
  • automatic analysis