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Selection of filter characteristics for phase-frequency analysis of electrical signals from the brain

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1. The circuit described by N. I. Maklyukov makes it possible to design active filters with the desired characteristics.

2. The amplitude-frequency responses of α-rhythm filters were plotted. The responses of two like filters were found to be almost identical. As seen in Fig. 1, the phase error due to slightly different responses is less than 6° (in the transmission band) which is within the acceptable tolerance. This error can be further reduced by more accurate tuning and by using RC components of higher accuracy.

3. Tests of the filters proved that they are suitable for phase-frequency analysis of EE signals.

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“Biofizpribor”, Leningrad. Translated from Meditsinskaya Tekhnika, No. 1, pp. 5–8, January–February, 1971.

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