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A possible drug interaction between rifampicin and enalapril


When a 35-year-old man with essential hypertension was treated with antibiotics for brucellosis his blood pressure rose significantly. While all other treatment was kept constant rifampicin was discontinued. On rechallenge rifampicin did not alter serum concentrations of enalapril or the area under the curve (AUC) between 0 and 7 h, but it did reduce the AUC of the active metabolite enalaprilat by 31%. These observations suggest that there may be an interaction between rifampicin and enalapril, causing reduced hypotensive efficacy of enalapril. The mechanism of such an interaction merits further study, but it could be due to enhanced renal clearance of enalaprilat.

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Kandiah, D., Penny, W.J., Fraser, A.G. et al. A possible drug interaction between rifampicin and enalapril. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 35, 431–432 (1988).

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