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Is captopril effective in controlling blood pressure when administered once daily? An assessment using 24-h ambulatory blood pressure monitoring


Twelve patients with essential hypertension receiving captopril monotherapy or captopril in conjunction with a diuretic had their 24-h blood pressure profiles monitored using an automatic, non-invasive ambulatory method. The study examined the efficacy of once a day versus twice a day administration of the ACE inhibitor in controlling blood pressure.

Six untreated subjects with borderline hypertension were also studied using the same monitoring equipment and with the same frequency, to act as controls because of the possibility of repeated use of the device causing a ‘familiarisation’ effect.

The results obtained indicated that if anything, the once daily dosing produced marginally better blood pressure values. The amplitude of the diurnal blood pressure variation was reduced on a ‘second-wearing’ of the monitoring equipment suggesting some degree of familiarisation with the apparatus.

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