Biomedical Engineering

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A device for monitoring respiratory mechanics by a forced oscillation technique

  • A. I. D'yachenko
  • H. -G. Nacke
Research, Design, And Technology


1. The device allows rapid (2 min) determination of mechanical impedance of the entire respiratory system, upper respiratory tract, and the entire respiratory system as corrected by upper respiratory tract at frequencies of 7, 10, 13, 16, and 19 Hz.

2. The method of measurement and calibration procedure allow calculation of impedance by the measured values of effective voltage of pressure gauge and of phase shift between pressure signal and flow signal.

3. The calibration procedure permits determination of the complex characteristic of the device with an accuracy of not less than 5% by modulus and 0.06 rad by angle.

4. Some specific features of the device design (separate oscillation unit) and software (program for compensation of upper respiratory tract) allow the concept of the device to be suitable for some specific applications where the volunteer patient conducts the trial himself (herself), or is subjected to high or low pressure. The device can be recommended for testing in pulmonological clinics.


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  • A. I. D'yachenko
  • H. -G. Nacke

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