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Adh expression in species of themulleri subgroup ofDrosophila


The locus encoding the NAD-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase (alcohol:NAD oxidoreductase; EC is duplicated in some species of the cactophilicmulleri subgroup ofDrosophila. Here we report a survey on the expression throughout development and in different tissues for this system, its regulation using interspecific hybrids, and the effects induced by 2-propanol in 10 species belonging to four different clusters of the abovementioned subgroup. Our results indicate different expression throughout development and in different tissues,cis regulation in hybrid ovaries,trans (−) regulation in hybrid adults, and different responses to 2-propanol.

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This research was supported by Grant 0910/81 from CAICYT to A.F. and a fellowship from CIRIT to J.A.

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Key words

  • mulleri subgroup ofDrosophila
  • alcohol dehydrogenase
  • developmental expression
  • regulation
  • 2-propanol