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Metrizamide cisternography and computed tomography for the investigation of pituitary lesions

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Metrizamide cisternography and computed tomography (CT) have been performed on 22 patients suspected of having pituitary or suprasellar lesions, using a low dose of metrizamide. These patients would otherwise have been subjected to air encephalography. The technique is described and the results are presented. The lesions demonstrated included empty sellae and suprasellar extensions of pituitary tumours. We also identified those patients in whom there was no suprasellar extension of a pituitary tumour. The diagnostic information required was obtained in all cases by a combination of the two techniques and air encephalography was avoided in all but one case. The side effects were mild and no serious complications were encountered. We consider this combination of methods to be very useful for the investigation of pituitary lesions.

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