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Morphological verification of “Row nucleation” in isotactic polystyrene; evidence for single crystals within the bulk

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In order to detect the sites responsible for crystal nucleation under stress, isotactic polystyrene was crystallised in the stretched state so as to give isolated “row nucleated” column structures within an amorphous matrix. Sections were cut both longitudinally and transversely to the stretch direction. A central line discontinuity could be seen in all columns in agreement with expectation from “row nucleation”. Electron diffraction patterns from column portions contained by transverse sections identified such portions as single crystals, a rather exceptional demonstration of true single crystals within the bulk interior. While the origin of the contrast in the electron micrographs of longitudinal sections is problematical, that in the transverse sections conforms to observations and deductions made in work on solution grown polyethylene crystals [11].

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