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Accelerated fatigue fracture mechanism of medium density polyethylene pipe material

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Fatigue crack propagation studies were performed in medium density polyethylene pipe to elucidate the damage mechanism associated with pipe failure. Past pipe testing methods required up to several years to produce failures which mimicked those observed in the field. However, by fatiguing a specially designed test specimen, brittle failure, resembling that observed under service conditions, was produced in only three days. It was determined that the method of loading and the crack plane orientation greatly affect the degree and extent of brittle crack propagation. In some specimen geometries, the initial brittle fracture may undergo a transition to a more ductile failure mode. The damage which precedes the crack tip during brittle cracking is a root craze and two smaller side crazes; these crazes are primarily composed of yielded membranes which are oriented normal to the crack propagation direction, rather than being composed of fibrils. The number and length of these crazes was shown to be dependent on the chosen test geometry.

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