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Chemical and structural properties of the system Fe2O3-In2O3

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The system Fe2O3-In2O3 was studied using X-ray diffraction,57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy and infrared spectroscopy. The samples were prepared by chemical coprecipitation and thermal treatment of the hydroxide coprecipitates. For samples heated at 600 °C, a phase, α- (Fe1−x In x )2O3, isostructural with α-Fe2O3, exists for 0⩽x≲0.8, and a phase C-(Fe1−x In x )2O3, isostructural with cubic In2O3, exists for 0.3≲x≲/1. In the two-phase region these two phases are poorly crystallized. An amorphous phase is also observed for 0.3≲x≲0.7. For samples heated at 900 °C the two-phase region is wider and exists for 0.1≲x≲0.8 with the two phases well crystallized. In these samples an amorphous phase is not observed.57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy of samples prepared at 600 °C indicated a general tendency of the broadening of spectral lines and the decrease of numerical values of the hyperfine magnetic field (HMF) with increasing molar fraction In2O3 in the system Fe2O3-In2O3. The samples prepared at 900 °C, in the two-phase region, are characterized by a constant HMF value of 510 kOe at room temperature. Infrared spectroscopy was also used to follow the changes in the infrared spectra of the system Fe2O3-In2O3 with gradual increase of molar fraction of In2O3. A correlation between X-ray diffraction, Mössbauer spectroscopic and infrared spectroscopic results was obtained.

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