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Microanalytical examination of coloured anodized oxide layers

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Based on microanalytic and micromorphologic examinations of the dyes of anodic oxide layers coloured by two metals the following observations could be made. The metal particles from the different metal salt electrolytes incorporate into the channels of the oxide layer in the form of crystallized metallic rods. If the colouring electrolyte contains two kinds of metals, the metallic rods will also contain both metallic components. If colouring of the two metals is done successively, a layered structure located perpendicularly to the layer plane inside the anodic oxide will be formed. The majority of the porechannels available were filled by the metal used initially, followed by the second metal, which continued to fill the already replenished channels. Employing a morphological investigation combined with microanalysis, i.e. a combination of the modern electron beam methods, any coloured structure made by any structural technology could be identified.

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