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An evaluation of acoustic emission from fibre-reinforced composites

Part 1 Acoustic emission interpretation of epoxy matrix and model composites containing glass beads, carbon and glass fibres

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An analysis of acoustic emission(AE) from epoxy matrices of different amounts of hardener and model composites containing a glass bead, carbon and glass fibres has been carried out to identify the sources of emission. A few AE events generated by microcracking were observed for epoxy matrix near the final fracture strain. From microscopic and emission observations it was found that the emission was generated by interfacial debonding at the pole for the model composite containing a single particle of the glass bead, and that the source of AE bursts for a continuous single carbon fibre/epoxy composite was succeeding fibre fractures along fibre length. The high AE activity due to fibre fracture was observed for a composite consisting of a bundle of glass fibres. The total of AE events was in agreement with the number of fibre fracture counted with the aid of a microscope in a carbon/epoxy composite. The shear strength at the carbon/epoxy interface was evaluated by a critical length of the fractured fibres using the AE results.

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  • Shear Strength
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