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The constitution of Cu-Ni-Mg alloys

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The location of the monovariant eutectic trough extending from the binary eutectic Cu-Cu2Mg into the Cu-Mg-Ni ternary alloy system has been established for alloys containing up to 25 at.% Ni. Liquidus and solidus temperatures along this eutectic trough were determined by thermal analysis. Microscopic and electron microprobe analyses confirm the existence of a peritectic reaction in the Cu2Mg-Ni2Mg quasibinary system and establish its participation in the ternary system. The foregoing, together with data from earlier literature, allow the equilibrium phase relationships for the entire Cu-Mg-Ni ternary system to be estimated.

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Fehrenbach, P.J., Kerr, H.W. & Niessen, P. The constitution of Cu-Ni-Mg alloys. J Mater Sci 7, 1168–1174 (1972). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00550200

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