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Cadmium, zinc, copper and metallothionein levels in the kidney and liver of humans from central Poland

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Cd, Zn, Cu, and metallothionein (MT) levels have been determined in the renal cortex and liver of 70 persons who died in Lodz and its surroundings in the years 1985–1989. The mean concentrations were: 44.9±28.6 µg Cd/g, 52.0±16.7 µg Zn/g, 2.4±1.0 µg Cu/g, 0.79±0.40 µmol Hg/g, and 3.5±1.8 µg Cd/g, 66.7±30.5 µg Zn/g, 4.9±2.1 µg Cu/g, 0.50±0.38 µmol Hg/g wet tissue in renal cortex and liver, respectively, with mean age 54.0±13.8. Smokers showed 2.4 times higher levels of Cd in the renal cortex than non-smokers. The mean body burden of Cd was 33.4±17.3 mg. Smoking increases it twofold from 22.0 mg in non-smokers to 41.8 mg in smokers.

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