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High temperature dispersion strengthening of NiAl

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A potential high temperature strengthening mechanism for alloys based on the intermetallic compound NiAl has been investigated. This study forms part of an overall program at NASA Lewis Research Center for exploring the potential of alloys based on NiAl for high temperature applications. An alloy containing 2.26 at% Nb and produced by hot extrusion of blended powders has been examined in detail using optical and electron microscopy. Interdiffusion between the blended niobium and NiAl powders results in the formation of intermediate phases. A fine dispersion of precipitates of a hexagonal, ordered NiAINb phase in a matrix of NiAl can be produced and this results in strengthening of the alloy by interfering with dislocation motion at high temperature. These precipitates are, however, found to coarsen during the high temperature (1300 K) deformation at slow strain rates and this may impose some limitations on the use of this strengthening mechanism.

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  • Niobium
  • Intermetallic Compound
  • NiAl
  • Dislocation Motion
  • High Temperature Application