Fibre Chemistry

, Volume 15, Issue 2, pp 124–127 | Cite as

Mechanism of the reaction of sodium sulfite with sulfur-containing compounds in viscose

  • A. P. Luvishis
  • N. T. Butkova
  • A. B. Pakshver
  • G. G. Finger
  • G. I. Berestyuk
Chemistry And Technology Of Man-Made Fibres


A difference in the effect of sodium sulfite additions in a model solution of caustic soda and carbon disulfide and in viscose has been shown in the process of formation of by-product sulfur-containing compounds.

Simultaneously with a retardation of ripening and an increase in homogeneity, the introduction of sodium sulfite into viscose leads to an increase in the elemental sulfur content of the yarn.


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  • A. P. Luvishis
  • N. T. Butkova
  • A. B. Pakshver
  • G. G. Finger
  • G. I. Berestyuk

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