Pairwise sufficiency

  • Eberhard Siebert


For an arbitrary experiment E we investigate the relation between its pairwise sufficient subalgebras and its sufficient sublattices in the M-space of E (in the sense of L. LeCam). By exhibiting an experiment without minimal pairwise sufficient subalgebra it is shown that this correspondence is in general not bijective. In view of this we introduce the rather large class of majorized experiments. They have a minimal pairwise sufficient subalgebra which can be described explicitely.

As a natural subclass of the majorized experiments appear the coherent experiments that are distinguished by the coincidence of sufficiency and pairwise sufficiency. It is shown that the coherent experiments are characterized by the fact that they admit a majorizing measure which is localizable. As a consequence we obtain that the class of coherent experiments coincides with classes of experiments previously introduced by T.S. Pitcher, D. Mußmann, M. Hasegawa and M.D. Perlman.


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  • Eberhard Siebert
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