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Protective effect of saikosaponin-d isolated from Bupleurum falcatum L. on CCl4-induced liver injury in the rat

  • Hiroko Abe
  • Machiko Sakaguchi
  • Shizuo Odashima
  • Shigeru Arichi


The effects of saikosaponin-d extracted from the roots of Bupleurum falcatum L. on carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatic injury were studied in rats. Pretreatment with saikosaponin-d produced a remarkable inhibitory action on acute hepatic injury by CCl4. A significant inhibition of lipid peroxidation induced by an acute dose of CCl4 in the liver of rats pre-treated with saikosaponin-d was also noted.

Continuous injection of CCl4 caused liver cirrhosis in rats but the severity of cirrhosis was reduced in rats treated simultaneously with CCl4 and saikosaponin-d.

Key words

Carbon tetrachloride Lipid peroxide Liver cirrhosis Saikosaponin Bupleurum falcatum L. 


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© Springer-Verlag 1982

Authors and Affiliations

  • Hiroko Abe
    • 1
  • Machiko Sakaguchi
    • 1
  • Shizuo Odashima
    • 2
  • Shigeru Arichi
    • 1
  1. 1.The Research Institute of Oriental Medicine Kinki UniversityOsaka
  2. 2.Department of PathologyKanazawa Medical UniversityIshikawaJapan

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