Fresenius' Zeitschrift für analytische Chemie

, Volume 328, Issue 6, pp 475–479 | Cite as

Modellversuche zur Verflüchtigung organischer Spurenstoffe in Oberflächengewässern

  • H. Hellmann
Originalarbeiten Umweltanalytik

Model tests on volatilization of organic trace substances in surfaces waters


Organic trace substances released to surface waters are usually in the three-phase system of water/ suspended matter/air. Transition into the vapour phase is first investigated with the aid of a model in a closed system, then in an open system. The distribution coefficient of the closed system can be correlated with a defined “loss rate” of the respective compound in the open system. The k-values from 1 to > 107 are discussed in their relevance to analytics. In addition, attempts have been made to transfer the model results to flowing waters.


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  • H. Hellmann
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  1. 1.KoblenzBundesrepublik Deutschland

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