Fresenius' Zeitschrift für analytische Chemie

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Determination of heavy metals in sea water and in marine organisms by graphite furnace AAS

XXII. Fish muscle instead of liver and algae as reference material for lead and cadmium determinations
  • K. -R. Sperling


This paper is a plea for a reference material containing extremely low concentrations of Pb and Cd. A reasoning is given by a historical overview on the main topics of pollution research in relation to those metals. Emphasis has changed from toxicological tests (with high concentrations) over “hot spots” in the environment (certain organisms and organs, such as kidney and liver, showing significantly elevated concentrations) to mechanisms of transport and modelling. That development has been accompanied and promoted by methodological improvement. Those concentrations, which have to be determined with a sufficiently high precision are now in the lower background range. A proper standard material for such purpose could be fish muscle which, over and above, could be spiked, if necessary, for measurements in a higher concentration range.


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Bestimmung von Schwermetallen in Meerwasser und marinen Organismen mit Hilfe der Graphitofen-AAS

XXII. Fischmuskel an Stelle von Leber und Algen als Referenzmaterial für Blei- und Cadmiumbestimmungen


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  • K. -R. Sperling
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  1. 1.Biologische Anstalt HelgolandLabor SülldorfHamburg 55Federal Republic of Germany

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