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Der transseptale-transsphenoidale Zugangsweg bei der Hypophysektomie

  • U. Ganzer
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The transseptal-transsphenoidal approach in hypophysectomy


The transseptal-transsphenoidal approach in hypophysectomy is more advantageous than all other accesses because the pituitary gland can be removed oppositely. By that way the damage of e.g. the optic nerve or the carotid artery can be avoided. The possibility of perforation of the nasal septum, deformation of the tip of the nose or rhinitis sicca has only small importance. Moreover the neurosurgeon meets with a great and clear operating area because the anterior wall of the sella turcica can be resected extremely.

The transseptal-transsphenoidal approach is simple, distinct and shortens the operation time.

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