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Erfahrungen in der Traumatologie der Periorbita

Experiences in the periorbital traumatology


The experiences of the Kiel Ophthalmic and E. N. T.-Hospital in the surgery of the osseous periorbita are to be described on the basis of 23 clean blow-out fractures and 13 zygoma fractures with orbital base participation. It is intended to discuss the operative indication by virtue of recent ophthalmologic findings in the field of eye muscle motility. In particular, the ligamentous apparatus around the ocular muscles in the orbital adipose tissue will be subject to examination. From these conceptions are deduced operative consequences for the therapy of the blow-out fractures as well as for the syndrome of the „Enlarged Orbit“. The clinical picture of motility disturbances with Diplopia may in the case of zygoma fractures with enlarged orbit, healed up in defective position, simulate the picture of a blow-out fracture. In these cases it does not make sense to only reconstruct the orbital base. The ophthalmologic symptoms were eliminated in enlarged orbit solely by purposive volume reduction of the orbit.

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