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Metabolic products of microorganisms

203. Inhibition of chitosomal chitin synthetase and growth of Mucor rouxii by nikkomycin Z, nikkomycin X, and polyoxin A: A comparison

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The effect of the nucleoside-peptide antibiotics nikkomycin Z, nikkomycin X, and polyoxin A was tested on chitosomal chitin synthetase from yeast cells of the dimorphic fungus Mucor rouxii. The K i was 0.6 μM for polyoxin A and 0.5 μM for nikkomycin X; nikkomycin Z was slightly less inhibitory (K i=3.5μM). Whereas the minimum inhibitory concentrations of the nikkomycins for growth and germination were quite low (about 1μM, or lower), polyoxin A displayed no antifungal activity against yeast cells and sporangiospores of the test organism, even when present in high concentrations. These results are discussed with respect to structure/activity relationships.

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minimum inhibitory concentration (i.e. concentration required to completely suppress growth: cf. Drews, 1979)




uridine 5′-diphospho-N-acetyl-d-glucosamine


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Correspondence to Dora M. Rast.

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Metabolic products of microorganisms. 202. H. P. Kaiser and W. Keller-Schierlein: Strukturaufklärung von Elaiophylin: Spektroskopische Untersuchungen und Abbau. Helv. Chim. Acta 64: 407–424 (1981)

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Key words

  • Fungal chitin synthetase
  • Inhibitors of chitin synthetase
  • Nikkomycin Z
  • Nikkomycin X
  • Polyoxin A
  • K i values
  • MIC values
  • Mucor rouxii