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Alkaline bromine as volumetric reagent, analytical applications

Part I Estimation of ammonia, urea and thiourea

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The potentialities of alkaline hypobromite solution as a volumetric oxidising agent have been discussed. It has been shown that this reagent quantitatively oxidises ammonia and urea to nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Thiourea is also oxidised quantitatively to nitrogen and sulphuric acid. Compared to hypobromite, alkaline hypoiodite does not oxidise ammonia or urea and is able to oxidise thiourea to the stage of urea and sulphuric acid only. Based on the above, volumetric methods for the estimation of ammonia, urea and thiourea have been suggested. Utilising the different stages of oxidation with alkaline hypobromite and hypoiodite, a method has been evolved for the volumetric estimation of the two components when present together in a mixture.

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The author's thanks are due to Dr. A. C. Chatterji, D. Sc., Head of the Department of Chemistry, Lucknow University, Lucknow, for the grant of laboratory facilities.

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