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Circumferential “Intermediate” lipoplasty of the legs

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Circumferential intermediate lipoplasty of the thighs and lower legs is an expansion of the traditional lipoplasty technique. Rather than limiting the correction to defined bulges, the goal is to thin the thigh or the calves and ankles circumferentially. This procedure is not indicated for all patients. In selected patients with extremely heavy thighs, medial and lateral bulges, full anterior thighs, and a full posterior thigh in the upper third, circumferential liposuction improves the results and produces a slimmer thigh. In the calves and ankles, circumferential lipoplasty reduces the entire lower leg giving a more attractive result rather than just reducing the medial and lateral ankle bulges. The concept of intermediate lipoplasty is introduced. This technique has advantages over the superficial technique and the traditional deep lipoplasty. No special equipment, incisions, drains, or change in technique is needed. Using circumferential intermediate lipoplasty to contour the entire lower leg results in a slimmer looking leg. There has been no increase in complications. The author reviews his experience with this technique.

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Correspondence to Richard A. Mladick M.D., F.A.C.S..

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