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Entomophthora apiculata (Thaxter) Gustafs. (Zygomycetes, Entomophthorales) as a pathogen of calypterate flies in Nigeria

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Entomophthora apiculata (Thaxter) Gustafs. was isolated from the following naturally-infected dipterans: Musca domestica L. (s.l.) (Muscidae); Hemipyrellia fernandica Macquart and Chrysomya chloropyga f. putoria Weidemann (Calliphoridae). This fungus produced rhizoids in vivo but not in vitro. Although it was readily cultured in vitro, experimental infection could not be achieved consistently — which calls for intensive research into the biology of this and other Entomophthora species.

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Matanmi, B.A. Entomophthora apiculata (Thaxter) Gustafs. (Zygomycetes, Entomophthorales) as a pathogen of calypterate flies in Nigeria. Mycopathologia 69, 157–160 (1979). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF00452828

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  • Entomophtora apiculata: Entomogenous fungus
  • Pathogen of calypterate diptera