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A note on disc-electrophoresis of human haptoglobin in acrylamide gel

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Four techniques for the electrophoretic separation of human haptoglobins have been experimented. The results are compared, and the conclusion drawn that disc-electrophoresis with 5.5% acrylamide (Cyanogum), ammonium persulphate as gelling catalyst, and TRIS-glycine buffer for the electrode compartments, gives the optimal separation of Hp polymers.


Vier Techniken für die elektrophoretische Trennung der menschlichen Haptoglobine wurden erprobt. Die Resultate werden verglichen und der Schluß gezogen, daß Disc-Electrophoresis mit 5,5% Acrylamide (Cyanogum), Ammoniumpersulphate als Katalysator und TRIS-Glycine-Puffersystem für die Elektrodenfächer die beste Trennung der Hp-Polymere gibt.

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This work has been supported in part by grant 115. 1839. 04817 from CNR.

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Crosti, N., Rizzato, L. A note on disc-electrophoresis of human haptoglobin in acrylamide gel. Hum Genet 13, 66–68 (1971).

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