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Fine-structure mapping of the complex locus Odc-rs5 relative to Igk and distal loci

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Odc-rs5 was previously identified as a complex locus closely linked to the Igk complex on mouse Chromosome (Chr) 6 and comprising at least five copies of a sequence related to the mRNA encoding ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) in the genomes of mice of some inbred strains and at least seven copies in others (Richards-Smith and Elliott, Mammalian Genome 2: 215, 1992). In the present study, Odc-rs5 was shown to be composed of at least seven copies of the ODC sequence in both the Odc-rs5 a and Odc-rs5 b haplotypes. Based upon the distribution of DNA restriction fragments (RFs) that had previously been associated with Odc-rs5 a or Odc-rs5 b among 42 mice of inbred laboratory strains having various haplotypes at Igk and in mice of two congenic strains [B6.PL-Ly-2 a, Ly-3 a(75NS)/Cy and B6.PL-Ly-2 a, Ly-3 a(85NS)/Cy] and a backcross-derived stock (NAK) known to be recombinant within Igk, a fine structure map of Odc-rs5 was deduced relative to Igk and more distal loci. Odc-rs5-derived RFs were located to three distinct regions within and/or distal to Igk and to a fourth site between (Ly-3, Ly-2) and Raf-1. Additionally, DNAs from 19 mice of inbred strains and random-bred stocks derived from wild progenitors trapped at various locations were analyzed and found to exhibit an unexpected variety of combinations of RFs associated with the two Odc-rs5 haplotypes most frequently observed among inbred laboratory strains of mice.

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