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Dysplasia metaphysaria, Typ Vaandrager-Pena

Dysplasia metaphysaria, type Vaandrager-Pena

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A report is given on a 10 year old girl with dwarfism, disturbances of metaphyseal ossification, which were localised especially in the distal metaphyses of the long bones and metaphyses of the tubular bones; the biochemical tests were normal. This girl shoewed similar radiographic changes as patients described by Vaandrager and Pena. In the authors' opinion it is a new entity, different from all hitherto known well-defined types of metaphyseal dysplasia. The eponyme Vaandrager-Pena is proposed for this rare but well defined type of metaphyseal dysplasia.

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Key words

  • Dwarfism, Disturbance of Ossification
  • Dysplasia metaphysaria