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Quantitative and functional restorations and alterations of peripheral lymphocytes in patients with autologous spleen implantation

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To reduce the risk of severe infections in splenectomized patients, new methods for splenic preservation or heterotopic autologous spleen implantation have been established. In the latter case, the immunological and functional benefits are still under discussion. In this study we compared immunological parameters in 16 splenectomized patients with and without heterotopic autologous spleen implantation with a nonsplenectomized control group. The total lymphocyte counts — T-cells, CD4+ —, as well as CD8+ — lymphocytes, CD16+ — and B-cells — were highly elevated in both groups, whereby the B-cells were relatively and absolutely higher in the implanted group than in the nonimplanted group. Splenectomized patients had a significantly reduced serum IgM level. The serum IgM of patients with splenic auto-transplantation was not significantly lower than that of the controls. In contrast to the impaired in vitro immunoglobulin synthesis in the splenectomized group, the autotransplanted patients showed a normal PWM-induced IgG and IgM synthesis and an increased IgA production compared with the controls. The latter results support the findings of elevated serum IgA levels in this group. The mitogenic-induced proliferation with PHA, ConA, PWM, and OKT3 was not clearly different within the tested groups. The results may indicate a benefit of autologous spleen implantation in regard to the humoral immune response.

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