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Prevalence of dermatophytes and yeasts (Candida spp., Malassezia furfur) in HIV patients

A study of former drug addicts


The prevalence of dermatophytes and yeasts (Candida spp. and Pityrosporum spp.) was studied in 40 former drug-addicts, all of whom were HIV seropositive but otherwise had no other symptoms (2nd Stage CDC Atlanta, 1987). We considered 7 skin areas for dermatophytes and Pityrosporum spp. (scalp, forehead, nose, back, chest, groin, toe webs) and the mouth for yeasts. Dermatophytes were found in 8 (20%) and tinea pedis was the most common dermatophytosis: Tricophyton rubrum was the fungus most frequently isolated (6 cases or 15%). The HIV + group showed almost the same rate of dermatophytes colonisation compared to a group of 121 athletes and to the control group. Candida spp. was present in 27 cases (67.5%) but clinical oral lesions were evident only in 5 patients (12.5%). Statistically significant differences were found in the presence of Candida spp. in HIV patients and controls (p<0.05). The lipophilic yeast Pityrosporum ovale was evaluated with quantitative and qualitative methods. Quantitative variations were evident between HIV patients and controls. P. ovale was present in 10 cases: 3 (7.5%) of them showed dischromic lesions while in 7 cases (17.5%) no clinical symptoms were evident.

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