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Shwachman's syndrome and leukaemia

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The clinical and morphological characteristics of Shwachman's syndrome (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, pancytopenia, skeletal changes) were observed in a boy who, at the age of 8 years, developed a juvenile form of chronic myeloic leukemia which did not respond to cytostatic treatment. Autopsy revealed a striking lipomatous atrophy of the pancreas, defects in the ossification zones of the bones and marked dwarfism. In addition there was leukaemic infiltration of the pancreas, the spleen, the liver and the lymph nodes. The association of Shwachman's syndrome with leukaemia is a rare, but remarkable complication of this entity because of its relationship to the preceeding pancytopenia. Thorough follow-up of the haematological status of patients with Shwachman's syndrome is recommended.

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  • Shwachman's syndrome
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