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Über ein rezidivierendes klarzelliges Leiomyoblastom des Uterus

Recurring clear cell leiomyoblastoma of the uterus

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We report on the clinical and pathologic manifestations of an unusual myometrial tumor that developed in a woman now 52 years old. Fifteen years before, she had been operated on for a “leiomyoma” of the uterus. On re-operation 9 years later and again 4 years later a clear cell leiomyoma of the uterus was resected but each time it appeared histologically benign. A third local recurrence of the tumor 7 months later necessitated a fourth operation. The tumor was then found to be invasive, preventing total excision, and histologically was malignant as the striking cellular pleomorphism suggested. As far as we know, only two similar cases have been reported in the literature, but these were diagnosed as benign and followed for only short periods. The discrepancy between the benign histologic picture of this tumor and its biological behavior pose problems in treatment which are discussed.

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Nachtrag bei der Korrektur: Nach Drucklegung dieser Arbeit erschien das Übersichtsreferat von Kurman und Norris, welches die Seltenheit dieser Tumoren und die Schwierigkeiten bei der Beurteilung ihrer Dignität bestätigt.

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Dallenbach-Hellweg, G., Epple, H., Birovljev, P. et al. Über ein rezidivierendes klarzelliges Leiomyoblastom des Uterus. Virchows Arch. A Path. Anat. and Histol. 371, 243–250 (1976).

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