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Formation of recombinant DNA of bacteriophage lambda by recA function of Escherichia coli without duplication, transcription, translation, and maturation

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Genetic recombination of phage lambda DNA mediated by Rec function of Escherichia coli was studied in the absence of duplication, transcription, translation, and maturation. Cells were jointly infected with double amber mutants, λ D - F 1 - and λ S - R -, and incubated in the presence of chloramphenicol and rifampin. The am + recombinant DNA molecules formed within the cell were detected by in vitro packaging as viable recombinant phages. This system was used to measure the recombination activity of rec - bacteria. In recA or recA recB bacteria, the number of recombinant DNA molecules was about 1% of the rec + level. In contrast, almost normal numbers of recombinant DNA molecules were formed in recB or recC cells.

Therefore, (1) the recombination mediated by recA function does not need de novo protein synthesis; all gene products required for the recombination are present in the cell. (2) It can occur without duplication, transcription, and maturation of recombining DNA molecules. (3) The ATP dependent DNase (exonuclease V) controlled by recB and recC genes is not required for formation of recombinant DNA molecules.

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