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Oxidation of thiocyanate by alkaline ferricyanide


Oxidation of KSCN by alkaline K3Fe(CN)6 in presence of osmic acid has been studied quantitatively. The reaction proceeds at a measurable rate at ordinary temperature but is accelerated on refluxing the system on a water bath for a short time. The stoichiometry of the redox process suggests the formation of cyanate and sulphate as the products of oxidation. The quantity of thiocyanate is calculated by estimating the ferrocyanide formed and the ferricyanide consumed in terms of Ce(SO4)2 and Na2S2O3 respectively. A kinetic study of the above reaction is under investigation.

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Sincere thanks of the author are due to Prof. S. S. Joshi for facilities and kind interest in the work. The award of a Scientific Man Power Committee Research Scholarship is also gratefully acknowledged.

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Suseela, B. Oxidation of thiocyanate by alkaline ferricyanide. Z. Anal. Chem. 145, 175–178 (1955).

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