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Effects of methamphetamine and chlordiazepoxide on schedule-controlled and adjunctive licking in the rat


The effects of methamphetamine (0.03–1.7 mg/kg) and chlordiazepoxide (3.0–30.0 mg/kg) were studied in a situation in which the same motor response, licking a water-filled tube, served as a schedule-controlled and as an adjunctive behavior. Rats responded under a 3-min fixed-interval (FI) schedule of food presentation in which the required response was a lick on the tube (schedule-controlled); licking also occurred following every food presentation (adjunctive). Adjunctive licking occurred at a high, steady rate, but schedule-controlled licking was emitted at a changing rate over time, characteristic of FI schedules. Both drugs had little effect on overall adjunctive licking, except for decreases at the highest doses, but there were changes in the pattern of adjunctive licking. Methamphetamine produced only decreases in schedule-controlled licking, but chlordiazepoxide produced dose-dependent increases. In general, the magnitude of drug effect on local rates of responding within the FI was related to control rates of responding within the same periods, but there were instances in which the magnitude of effect depended also on whether licking was adjunctive or schedule-controlled.

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This work was supported by grants MH-18421 and MH-10625 from NIMH, U.S. Public Health Service. I thank J. Barrett, R. T. Kelleher, and W. H. Morse for helpful comments; Elizabeth Anderson and Anne Guertin for help in preparation of the manuscript; and Dorothy Sivazlian for technical assistance.

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