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Chlorimipramine: A double-blind comparison of intravenous versus oral administration in depressed patients

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A double-blind study was carried out in 30 patients to compare the results of chlorimipramine given orally and intravenously.

The speed of onset of action and the overall improvement were excellent for both treatment modalities. No significant differences were found favoring either way of administration. As a consequence, our results do not support previous reports that suggest advantages and rationale for the intravenous usage of chlorimipramine.

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We thank Ms. Carol Umland, R. N. and Ms. Connie Ball, R. N. for their cooperation and dedication which made possible the successful completion of this study.

Also called Anafranil® abroad and Clomipramine in the U.S.A.

This investigation was supported in part by research grant MYP-5106 from the National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Public Health Service.

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Escobar, J.I., Flemenbaum, A. & Schiele, B.C. Chlorimipramine: A double-blind comparison of intravenous versus oral administration in depressed patients. Psychopharmacologia 33, 111–116 (1973).

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