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Treatment of Sydenham's chorea with a combination of l-Dopa and a peripheral Dopa decarboxylase inhibitor


Two male patients suffering from Sydenham's chorea were treated with a combination of l-Dopa and a peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor. This treatment markedly reduced in one patient and totally suppressed in the other the abnormal involuntary movements present in this disease.

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Spissu, A., Corsini, G.U., Marrosu, F. et al. Treatment of Sydenham's chorea with a combination of l-Dopa and a peripheral Dopa decarboxylase inhibitor. Psychopharmacologia 44, 311–312 (1975).

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  • Sydenham's chorea
  • l-Dopa
  • MK 486
  • HVA