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Utilization of nitrogen compounds and ammonia assimilation by chromatiaceae

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Chromatium vinosum strain D, Thiocapsa roseopersicina strain 6311 and Ectothiorhodospira mobilis strain 8112 were grown anaerobically in the light with various single nitrogen sources. When substituted for NH4Cl only glutamine and casamino acids supported good growth of all strains tested. Peptone and urea were utilized by C. vinosum and T. roseopersicina, glutamate, asparagine and nitrate only by C. vinosum. The strains were able to grow with molecular nitrogen; complete inhibition of this growth was observed in the presence of alanine with E. mobilis, and of alanine or asparagine with T. roseopersicina.

Glutamate dehydrogenase, requiring either NADH or NADPH, NADH-linked glutamate synthase, and glutamine synthetase were demonstrate in the above organisms grown on NH4Cl.

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  • Glutamine synthetase