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Heat transfer in a laminar wall jet over a curved surface


The steady state heat transfer characteristics of the wall jet over a curved surface are obtained for constant wall temperature and constant wall heat flux boundary conditions. Both concave and convex curvatures have been considered. Numerical results for the temperature distribution are obtained and solutions for the wall values of the temperature functions have been tabulated for Prandtl number ranging from 0.01 to 100 while the curvature parameter was varied from −0.03 to 0.07.

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f :

velocity profile function

h :

heat transfer coefficient

K :

thermal conductivity

Nu :

Nusselt number

Pr :

Prandtl number

q w :

heat flux at the wall

Re :

Reynolds number

R 0 :

surface radius of curvature

T :


U :

characteristic velocity

u :

velocity component in x direction

v :

velocity component in y direction

x :

distance parallel to the surface

y :

distance normal to the surface

α :

curvature parameter \(\left( {\frac{{UR_0^4 }}{{vx^3 }}} \right)^{\frac{1}{4}} \)

η :

dimensionless coordinate

θ :

dimensionless temperature

μ :

dynamic viscosity

ν :

kinematic viscosity

ρ :

fluid density

τ :

shear stress


conditions at the wall


conditions far away from the surface


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  • Heat Transfer
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